West Virginia Baptist State Convention
Organized 1878
Hilltop Baptist Center
Baptist Road
P. O. Box 283
Hilltop, WV 25855

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D e s k   O f   T h e   P r e s i d e n t

Greeting in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ! First I would to express my sincere thanks to Presdent Emeritus William Chapman, for his many years of service to the Convention and for his friendship down thru the years. He has been a brother in every way. Thank you for your leadership, guidance, advice, prayers, and love. May God continue to pour His blessings upon you! Just a few weeks ago we returned from the National Convention in St. Louis, Mo (with a few extra days in Alabama) being both inspired and challenged. I encourage everyone to attend the National Baptist Convention if given the opportunity. 

Since being elected your President, I have thought  quite a lot about leadership. Leadership is critical to the health of any organization-be it a business, ministry, church, family, or convention. Where we often fall down is we assume leadership is about control. It is not! When we do think it is about control then we need people around us who are not afraid to remind us that it's not. This may be humbling at times but is very necessary. Well, if it is not about control, then what is leadership about? It's about vision and mission, clearly communicating vision and mission to those you are asking to follow your lead. The wisdom of the Proverbs tells us; "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 20:18. People need a clear vision and a definitive mission. Without it we are a mess! We wander around aimlessly wasting all kinds of time, energy, and resources and don't accomplish our calling in life. We need to understand the direction we are moving in and why. 
St. John said it best, "He must increase, and I must decrease." John 3:30. Using today's terminology we must remind ourselves all the time,               "It's not about me!"
Just remember if you have already failed, admit it, then celebrate the reality that God has allowed us to share in a far better vision that we could ever imagined on our own!

May God bless and forever keep you!

Rev. David Bell Sr.